16 September 2008


Tonight I was delivered of a rough draft of a novel of speculative fiction, weighing in at 78 pages of single-spaced 12-point Helvetica. After 31 days of labor, I now have this sort of helpless squirming mass to deal with.

Soon, the editing will begin, but for now... I think I'm going to stop writing for a while, stop thinking about writing, and re-connect with the rest of my life.

Thanks to all of you that put up with my using this blog as a scoreboard, and still kept checking in. (I know your IP addresses, don't try to deny it!)

Thanks so much to all of you who sent me support and encouragement.

Holy shit.


michelle of bleeding espresso said...


And please tell your blog I'm not in Gioia Tauro. I'm looking over my shoulder just considering the prospect.

Boots in the Oven said...

Congratulations! Now have a drink. Quite an accomplishment!

And your blog pegs me correctly in Austin. Not so exotic.

The Daily Rant said...
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The Daily Rant said...

I've never had a Kolache!! Can you believe it??

On another note, I see that you read Cryptonomicon - you should check out www.highwayhags.com - my new favorite blog. Two female truckers (VERY funny and very intelligent). One of them recently finished that book and did a little review on it.

Enjoy! And congratulations on hitting 50K!

Cherrye at My Bella Vita said...

Congrats. I'm with Boots - have a drink.

Paul said...

Thanks, all. Rest assured, a bottle of champagne was happily consumed Tuesday night...