30 November 2005

Time stands still...

Well, I wasn't looking forward to spending New Year's without D, but I was OK with it and happy for her... now that she's not going to London it's hard not to be disappointed. Obviously I'm really happy we get to spend New Year's together, but I wanted her to have her adventure. She works so damn hard and she deserves it. She's just fallen through that big-ass crack in American society: she makes too much to qualify for public assistance but too little to really be able to do anything but work.

I'm fucking freezing now that the weather's finally turned appropriate for the season. The thermostat said it was 50 when I got home this morning. 50 degrees! What's up with that? I had to turn the heat on. I like the crispness in the air, though.

I can't for the life of me figure out why the American people aren't rioting, quite frankly. Today I read about the Shiite death squads in the Iraqi police, and I'm just waiting for someone to ask me if I think the Iraqi people were better off under Saddam. I mean fuck. That was always such a stupid, simplistic question... but now it's actually debatable. Anyway, I think it's like that old saying about how to boil a frog; you turn up the heat little by little so the frog doesn't notice.

I feel so fucking brain dead on night shift. Bah!

22 November 2005

I want me one of these!!!

Though the orgasmatron apparently only works for women, it would be fun as hell at parties...

16 November 2005

Bush feeling the stress...

It took this goddamn country five years to finally trip to what an arrogant, inept, criminal bunch of thugs these people are. They played the American people like jazz for years... remember back when they were trying to start shit with China over that spy plane? (No, neither does anyone else.) Then they messed around with trying to make North Korea the bad guy until 9/11 came along. And here we are... economy all fucked up, New Orleans in ruins, environment and health care and trade deficit ready to collapse the American empire like Ancient Rome. And everybody has the nerve to act all surprised that Emperor Bush, Darth Cheney, Grand Moff Rumsfeld and the rest are as evil as they are. Please.

I am so wiped out, gang, sorry if this is sort of incoherent. I can't really get my sleep patterns back to night schedule, but at least fortunately it's a short week. And I'm going to Henry Rollins on Friday, yeah!

I really need to get back on days.

09 November 2005

Good point...

Just read a sort of offhand post at the Citizens blog that makes a really good, obvious point I missed before: now that Frist is starting his vindictive little investigation into the CIA prison leak, I guess we know it's really true, huh? No prisons, no leak! Duh!

08 November 2005

"Protagonist democracy..."

I'm fired up by yet another article on the new Venezuela... I am sure we are not getting the whole picture (when do we ever?) but this is still the most interesting experiment in governance that I know about going on in the world today.

The Bolivarian revolution seems to be taking seriously the concept of "subsidiarity," where the unit of government closest to a given issue holds sway. Very interesting to me is this idea of the local council representing 200 families. This is a totally reasonable unit of government - small enough that people have face-name recognition and yet not so small that it becomes totally parochial.

When, in my own country, people are making statements like "I think most of America would agree that it is time for our nation to stop our tolerance for diversity," it gives me some relief to know that there is still a place for freedom and sanity... at least for now.

05 November 2005

Sick and tired...

I'm feeling all queasy, probably because of a pork tamale I bought from the cart lady in front of the Appletree. I'm sure it has nothing to do with the shot of Skyy I did to sterilise my gullet... feh.

And I'm sure it has nothing to do with the piece I just read about the new American gulag. I mean, I'm not a bit surprised, the rumours have been going around for years and it is perfectly in line with all the things we know the government are doing. I guess just reading about it in the mainstream media makes it really unavoidable. And here am I, a citizen of the great evil empire of the planet, better positioned than most of humanity to take some positive action to right the wrongs, so what am I up to? Working on getting EU citizenship! No wonder I feel like hurling.

The weekend's here though. That's a plus. And I got Thursday and Friday of Thanksgiving weekend off fuck yeah! D has to work, of course... I wanted to take a trip with her, but I may just take one by myself.

04 November 2005

Back on the vampire shift...

Chilling once again here at work. I had a dream earlier tonight that she came and climbed into bed with me. I hated waking up alone after that. Damn.

Political situation way too gross to write about tonight. I want to see the empire fall, but I'm not at all down with culture war.

At least my economic shit seems to be together. The new job will probably not pan out, but the money's good here on night shift, and I do need to pay off my cards and start saving for taxes and travel. It's really hard to think about Italy with what's been going on lately... and that's probably good. I can see myself getting all caught up in fantasies about the future, so I'm better off staying focused on the moment.

Once again - as always - the solution to everything seems to be meditating more.