19 January 2007

Argentine team to play without fans

Something about this story just kills me - and it's not just the part about "Angry Moron Fans," though that helps...

Argentine team to play without fans
Slam Sports
3 January 2007

BUENOS AIRES, Argentina (AP) - Second-division club Deportivo Moron will have to play a full season of home matches without fans, the result of a riot at their stadium in December.

In the most severe sanction ever imposed on a soccer club, sports authorities also banned the use of Moron's stadium for five weeks, forcing to team to play elsewhere. According to the penalties announced by the Buenos Aires Sports Discipline Commission, no fans will be allowed into the stadium.

Moron appeared headed for promotion to the first division, but a 1-0 loss on Dec. 9 to Social Espanol condemned it to remain in the second division.

Angry Moron fans invaded the pitch and beat several of their own team's players and caused massive damage to the stadium.

The commission said the penalties are intended to discourage the violence that has plagued Argentine soccer in recent years.