11 February 2008

The triumph of Kultur

From Chris Floys, this classic response to a bedwetting blogger spewing the now standard complaint that "that 17 European populations such as Greece, Italy, France etc are beyond (I think he means 'below' -ed.) birth rate replacement levels."

Responding to the fear that Western culture will collapse under the weight of the outbreeding hordes of bown Muslims, Floyd writes:
Of course, the reality is that most of what we know of Greek and Roman culture (the lodestones of the flaccidists) was passed on only because it was saved by....a bunch of dirty Muslims. Otherwise, much of this legacy of human civilization would have been lost to the neglect -- and extremist frenzies -- of Christendom.

09 February 2008

'Twixt Hither and Yon

I've been in a funny sort of drift lately, and it's occurred to me that it's because I'm neither here nor there, four months shy of my next big leap into the unknown. Everything has a sort of unfinished feel to it: I'm working on my health goals, my language skills, my financial situation... and everything's a work in progress. I'm neither surging with energy or dragging myself along.

Part of it is that I'm not really in the driver's seat, for once in my life. Atlanta is pretty much a D thing, and while I'm happy enough to get out of San Diego and try something new, it's not like I'm filled with passionate intensity at the idea of living in Georgia. And so much else seems in flux: will I get my dual citizenship, will the economy crash and burn, will John McInsane become president and bomb bomb bomb, bomb bomb the world?

The phrase "calm before the storm" comes to mind.

It's sunny out.